Top 3 Best Speakers for Restaurant/Bar/Café

Commercial Ceiling Speaker System+Bluetooth

As they say, dining with soothing music can help enhance the taste of food and can make food enjoyable overall. If you have a restaurant, a bar or a café then why not use a speaker system ideally meant for these establishments. Here are a few of the top best speakers to purchase this year.

#1. Rockville Commercial Ceiling Speaker System

Commercial Ceiling Speaker System+Bluetooth

Satisfy your customer’s audio cravings with the Rockville Commercial Ceiling Speaker System. This is a set that is composed of a receiver amplifier, a pair of ceiling speakers and all the accessories you need to install these speakers to the ceiling or wall.

The receiver is rack-mountable which means it can be placed on top of a rack together with other audio systems. This receiver system offers separate controls for pre-amp and subwoofer speakers to allow you to enjoy the background music and bass better.

There are front microphone inputs with separate volume controls, echo, and tone. You can play music from different sources including radio, music files from your USB thumb drive or from the input for your different devices. The inputs are also conveniently placed at the front of the receiver.

The pair of 2-way ceiling speakers are round, white and easy to install. You’ll get peak power handling at 350 watts per speaker and RMS power handling at 120 watts per speaker. Audio power all neatly placed in quality spring-loaded push terminals. The flush mount grills are also paintable according to your restaurant’s color scheme.

• Powerful and versatile receiver
• Digital karaoke system features with 2 microphone inputs at the front
• Multiple outputs
• With 2 ceiling home theater speakers
• With spring-loaded push terminals
• With paintable speaker flush mount grills

• Comes with only two speakers

#2. Technical Pro 6000W Zone Receiver + 5.25” Speakers for Restaurant/Bar/CAF

Technical Pro 6000w

The Technical ProZone Receiver comes with 8 speakers ideal for a large restaurant, bar or café. It is a home theater receiver with Bluetooth that will let you flood your establishment with cool mood music.

The speakers are all Rockville speakers so you can guarantee that these have the most impressive sound. The receiver is Bluetooth compatible this means that you can connect your Bluetooth-capable device to play music. Other inputs include AM/FM radio, random playback via USB or SD card and from a video player as well.

Rockville speakers come with the best specs. These have increased power handling and RMS power handling, IPX44 rating to withstand the elements and comes with a stainless steel grill which will never rust even if a speaker is installed outdoors.

You will enjoy the impressive sound from Technical Pro. The speakers are built with quality spring-loaded push terminals which are waterproof and rustproof.

• ​Bluetooth capable
•​​ Can connect with other Bluetooth capable devices
• 8 Rockville speakers
• Speakers come with improved power handling
• Removable metal grills, rustproof and waterproof.

• No known flaw

#3. Custom Audio Large Restaurant/Bar/Retail Store Business Background Music Sound System

Large Restaurant/Bar/Retail Store

From small, medium to large restaurants, the Custom Audio sound system is made for large-scale restaurants, cafes, and dining establishments. It is composed of 12 surface speakers, each speaker is capable of providing the best audio performance.

The Custom Audio comes with a commercial 240-watt amplifier/audio mixer. This is capable of multiple inputs but does not have individual volume controls for each speaker. You will also find three microphone inputs making it easier to host events and functions in your restaurant or café.

The back of the receiver is where all the connections are perfectly set. You have two RCAs perfect for iPods, MP3 players, PC, music players, and satellite radio. The receiver has knobs for controls which is easier to use for most users.

Meanwhile, the surface mount speakers are larger compared to a commercial round or square speakers with brackets for easy mounting. There’s no need to cut walls or ceilings to install these speakers. Just decide where to position these and mount away.

• With easy surface-mount 2-way speakers
• 240-watt mixer/receiver
• With multiple microphone inputs
• With multiple line inputs for different devices and gadgets

• No individual volume controls for each speaker

Final Conclusion

When it comes to speaker systems for restaurants, bars, and cafes, the number of speakers depends on the size of the establishment. Multiple receiver options are also welcome considering you may need to use a sound system, karaoke system or music player to entertain guests.

There are a lot of different commercial speakers to choose from. Shop smart and you’ll surely find the one that will fit your establishment’s needs.

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How to Set Up Ceiling Speakers for Bar or Restaurant

Ceiling Speakers for Bar

Ceiling speakers will allow you to play pipe in music in your bar or restaurant. These speakers will be placed strategically in special points inside the dining area so your customers will feel like the music is a natural part of your café or restaurant’s ambiance.

Things you’ll need for the installation

• Ceiling speakers
• Wires
• Drywall saw
• Screwdriver
• Measuring tape
• Drill and bits

Ceiling Speakers for Bar
Ceiling Speakers for Bar​ or Restaurant

Map your ceiling speaker locations

Before proceeding with the actual installation of your ceiling speakers, you must first determine where the speakers will go. Because these are ceiling speakers, these may be placed along the corner or at the center part of the room.

Review the design of your establishment and make sure that you are installing the speakers and wire on a safe area. Consider the placement of the speakers in relation to the speaker receiver. If your receiver is hidden behind a closet or cabinet, make sure that the wires will reach this point.

Only when you are sure about the location of the speakers will you be able to start cutting the ceiling and wiring your speakers.

Inside wall wire placement
Now that you are ready to install your speakers, you must initially install the speaker wires. If your establishment has a crawlspace in the ceiling then you need to use this to run the wires all over the area.

Ensure the speaker wires are safe and intact by using wire staples. Label the wires accordingly.

Creating speaker holes
Most ceiling and wall speakers come with speaker brackets to help installers install the speakers accurately. The brackets will serve as cutting templates so you can simply cut the section and install the speaker. When you are satisfied where the speakers will go, use the bracket to trace a line with a pencil and then use a drywall cutter to saw the ceiling.

Installing the speakers
Install the speakers according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Connect the wires to the back of the speaker. Use tape to stabilize the speaker wire connections from the back.

Usually, speakers with this design have frames for easy installation. Once a speaker is placed against the ceiling hole, a frame or a frame with the speaker grille is installed over it. Use a screwdriver to make sure everything is tight.

Connect the other end of the speaker wires to your receiver. Connect it to the proper inputs using a red and white wire.

Ceiling aftercare
At this point, your ceiling will be in disarray with debris falling on the floor. Wipe these away or use a shop vac to remove debris. Make sure everything is as neat as possible.

Speaker setup
Now that your speakers are set, it’s time to calibrate these. Sit in the middle of the room and allow music to play from your speakers. Listen to each speaker and make adjustments according to your manufacturer’s manual.

If your speaker has a remote control make sure that these are calibrated as well.

In-Ceiling Speaker Installation

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JBL Arena 170 Review: The Best Floor Standing Loudspeaker

BL Arena 170 White 2-Way

If you are planning to transform a small to the medium-sized room into a home theater or a music studio then you need compact, efficient and powerful speakers. JBL presents the smallest but no doubt one of the newest-level floorstander series, the Arena 170 loudspeakers.

The Arena 170 is the newest budget speaker that is made up of two floorstander models, a pair of stand mounters, a center speaker and a subwoofer. This JBL has a complete 5.1 speaker package that would work perfectly for a small to the medium-sized indoor area. These will give you that pleasurable sound that won’t overpower a very small room.

The JBL Arena 170 Performance

The JBL 170 has a contemporary feel but with its HDI-enhanced imaging and natural balance, this two-way loudspeaker creates that amazing sound in the privacy of your own home. The large 7-inch polycellulose woofer plus rear-firing bass port creates a fantastic bass sound that is ideal for enjoying the best music, TV show, movies, and games.

JBL Arena 170 features

• 1-inch soft dome speaker
• 7-inch high-output polycellulose woofer
• The frequency response of 44Hz to 40kHz
• The sensitivity of 87 dB
• Nominal impedance of 8 Ohms
• Recommended Amplifier Power of 20 to 200W

BL Arena 170 White 2-Way 1

Design and features

The JBL Arena 170 has a quirky, contemporary design. There are wood veneer side panels and gently sloped top panels finished in a grainy-effect plastic instead. This may look li8ke a cost-cutting measure, but still, it allowed the Arena 170 to remain classy and simple.

The top-half grille, the façade is clean. Remove the grille and you will see that it looks like the drivers were targets at a shooting range. The screw holes can be easily seen as you remove the covers. The 25mm soft-dome tweeter has an unusual waveguide design, which is similar to the company’s professional speaker models.

This design, according to JBL, is for wider dispersion and improved detail in the higher frequencies. It’s called the HDI waveguide technology that takes cues from its legendary M2 Master Reference Monitor. Meanwhile, the 1-inch soft dome tweeter creates clean, powerful highs that are perfect for the best music and video enjoyment.

And because these speakers are floorstanders, you can see that they are a bit hard to move because of their size. The speaker outer color is white which is another problem if your room is in a different color and you want to incorporate the speaker colors into your room color and design. It would be perfect though if there is an option to choose a speaker with a black color.


The JBL Arena 170 floorstanders may not be as powerful as other legendary JBL speakers but no doubt that these are fun, entertaining and efficient models. It can boost the audio in your home theater space or in your music studio and no doubt that it would work perfectly if it were to be used together with its 5.1 family members.

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Photive HYDRA Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker For Home

Take your music wherever you go: in the rugged outdoors, in the shower and even on the poolside without worrying about water and dust when you got the Photive Hydra Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker. This is a rugged outdoor waterproof speaker inside and out while maintaining clear, crisp and almost perfect sound quality. This review will reveal how the Photive Portable Bluetooth speaker scores when it comes to design, sound quality, functionality and battery life.

Photive HYDRA Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker For Home
Photive HYDRA Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker For Home

Design of Photive Hydra Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Photive Hydra Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Upon first glance, this speaker looks more like a part of a space craft or some kind of military equipment. It is made from top quality, shock-proof material that can withstand the elements. You can take it anywhere and even in the wettest environments and still be able to listen to good music because of its rubberized exterior and treated aluminum grill. This speaker is rated IP66 for resistant against dust and water. The Photive Bluetooth speaker is handy and lightweight too despite its tough design.

Sound Quality of Photive Hydra Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Enjoy jaw-dropping bass and amazing clarity no matter where you are. It has two 40mm drivers and a passive subwoofer to produce pure Bluetooth speaker bass and sound quality that an outdoor audiophile needs. This speaker is easy to use and has no buttons on the actual speaker body. Everything is controlled using your Android smartphone or iPhone through your device’s music player. Volume, playback and track selection are managed from your device. This speaker uses Bluetooth 4.0 which gives you 33 feet or 10 meters operating distance.

Battery Life of Photive Hydra Speaker

Waterproof Rugged Portable Speaker

Enjoy up to 8 hours of play time in one charge with the Photive’s built in 2600 mAh lithium ion battery. You can take it outdoors as you hike, jog, ride a kayak, go camping and more without worrying about running out of charge. Take note that volume will affect battery life and at full volume, expect that a full charge can only last for about 6 hours or less.

Functionality of This Portable Bluetooth Speaker

The Hydra Bluetooth speaker is compatible with almost all smartphones, Android phones and iPhone models. It will also work with Windows PC, Chromebook, MacBook and so many more. Pairing is easy and in just a few seconds, you will be able to use your device with this Bluetooth speaker anywhere.

Aside from being a Bluetooth speaker for music, you can also use it as a phone speaker. You can hear an incoming call and take the call using your phone even when the speaker is connected. You can even use it to play tunes on the radio and as an accessory speaker when playing videos or games on your phone, tablet or laptop.

Verdict: The Photive Hydra Wireless Bluetooth Speaker is a waterproof and rugged speaker equipped with a passive subwoofer for improved sound quality. It has a dustproof and waterproof body and is made from shockproof and durable materials making it the ultimate choice for listening music outdoors. It is universally compatible with all devices and offers longer play times with its durable lithium ion battery. This is a good purchase for any outdoor enthusiast and should be yours too. If you think that the Photive Hydra Wireless Bluetooth Speaker is for you, follow this link.

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Sony XB20 Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Review

Have Fun with Sony XB20

Small, sleek and with extra bass, the Sony XB20 portable wireless Bluetooth speaker is a portable speaker system that you can take anywhere. This wireless Bluetooth speaker has a lot of trendy features making it perfect for hands-free and worry-free listening no matter where you want to go. It is currently one of the top wireless speakers in at the market today. This review will find out why.

Sony XB20 Portable Wireless Speaker
Sony XB20 Portable Wireless Speaker

Design of Sony XB20 Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

You will enjoy your favorite tunes, especially bass-rich music, with the Sony XB20. It has a sleek and lightweight design so you can listen to tunes anywhere. It is made from quality, durable materials that is waterproof and shockproof and is rated IPX5 water-resistant. You can take this by the pool, as you ride a kayak or as you take a hike without worry.

The controls for the speaker sit on top of the device. You can easily access the power button, play/pause, forward, fast forward and reverse controls in just one click. The Sony XB20 wireless speaker also comes in a variety of colors: black, blue, green, grey and red. Each of these speakers has a single-colored light design on the front panel.

Compare to other Bluetooth Speakers

Sound Quality

Sony XB20 has Clear Audio+ which adjusts sound settings almost automatically to improve your listening experience. Clear Audio+ provides consistent, clear and quality sound indoors or outdoors. You will appreciate the extra bass in every track; simply hit the Extra Bass button to start listening to heavy bass. You can connect two XB20 speakers together to create richer stereo sound. Connect 10 wireless speakers using Bluetooth and synchronize your music with the Wireless Party Chain.

Battery Life

This wireless Bluetooth speaker has an internal rechargeable battery which charges quickly. You get up to 12 hours of battery life in one charge. Take it anywhere you want to go and enjoy extended play times. You will know when you need to charge your battery with a voice feedback function that calls your attention.

Ease of Use

You can pair any device or music player as long as it has Bluetooth capabilities. Pairing is easy and you will be able to control the Sony XB20 from your phone. Another way to control music is to use SongPal, an app that may be installed in your smartphone to take control of music, speaker lights and more.

Connect your phones and music players to the XB20 using Bluetooth and NFC. Enjoy improved Bluetooth wireless transfers with LDAC which transmits three times more data compared to the maximum transfer rate of 990kbps.

Great Design
Great Design


The Sony XB20 Portable Wireless Speaker with Bluetooth is a small, sleek and stylish speaker that has a lot of cool functions. It is a portable speaker you can take anywhere because it is waterproof and durable. It uses the latest Bluetooth technology to allow you to transfer wirelessly from any device to the speaker while maintaining quality and clear audio. This speaker is compatible with almost all devices and is available in a variety of cool colors. If you think that the Sony XB20 Portable Wireless Speaker is for you then check this out at this link.

Have Fun with Sony XB20
Have Fun with Sony XB20

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The Best Floor Standing Speakers for Upgrade Your Sound Quality

SVS Ultra tower speaker

When the majority of people pay attention to the phrases “home theater,” they envision a much TV mounted on the framework of a location with seating that’s comfortable. While the apparent experience is indeed an essential part of a great house theater, it should be coupled with an equally incredible audio expertise to simulate being in a typical movie theater. A good set of floor standing speakers together with an AV receiver is the solution for an authentic theater experience at home.

Floor standing tower speakers, are indeed produced standing on every side of your TV. They are not supposed to merge with the surroundings of theirs like a number of the diminished sound update choices like sound bars or even perhaps bookshelf speakers. In fact, we are going to argue that an excellent looking set of flooring speakers, such as JBL Studio 290 or even Klipsch R 28F is, in fact, an essential visible component of the theater space of yours.

How We Choose:

floor standing tower speaker

First things first: we are much more than careful you are going to find floor standing speakers who set you back five or perhaps possibly six figures. Although we do offer a couple of those little further down, as a bonus, you’re not going to discover them on this list. Why? Because we think that, for the vast majority of individuals, they are complete overkill. A listing of the absolute best floor standing speakers must think about issues as value for cash, and we place by our picks below. We check speakers from many various companies, considering an extensive selection of variables from strength level to cost you and beyond, to begin a free, numbered checklist.

Our Floor standing Speaker Picks:

1. Klipsch RF seven II ($1,599)


• Each or perhaps Pair: Each Woofer: 2 x 10″
• Tweeter: one x 1.75.”
• Midrange: N/A
• Suggested Amp Power: 8Ω /250-1000W
• What We Love: Enormous power, enormous value for money.
• What Don’t Approve: Very little.

Before we start, a fast note:
Klipsch unveiled the brand new type of these speakers, the RF seven IIIs, at CES 2017. At the second of posting, they’re not even available to buy (as much as we’re competent to tell), therefore after very much deliberation; we’ve decided to maintain the II’s on this list for the time being – with an asterisk that the IIIs will probably change them quickly.

Klipsch is real, predictably, most apparent product right here, plus their RF seven II is triggering its stellar reputation. You are going to find a selection of the speakers of theirs we may have picked – they each differ from great to absolutely stellar – though we decided to plump for this. Unless you go due to the unbelievably pricey options at the realization of the guidebook, this is the speaker that will be great for nearly all people.

2. KEF R500 ($2,600)

KEF R500

• Each or perhaps Pair: Pair Woofer: 2 x 5.25.”
• Tweeter: one x one”
• Midrange: one x five”
• Suggested Amp Power: 8Ω /25-150W
• What We Love: Some of the best value-for-money, despite the sizeable price.
• What Don’t Approve: Needs excellent resources to receive perhaps the very best out of it indeed.

Boy. We agonized over this particular individual. KEF generates such unusual gear and has been performing it for so very long; it had been difficult to pick which of the excellent floor standers to include. In the end, we would have a choice: either get this entire list a rundown on the absolute best KEF speakers around, and choose the one we thought had perhaps the most excellent value for money, plus would rival most people. In the realization, we kept coming on the R500.

3. SVS Ultra Towers ($1,000)

SVS Ultra tower speaker

• Each or perhaps possibly Pair: Each Woofer: 2 x 8″
• Tweeter: one x 1″ Midrange: 2 x 6.5″
• Suggested Amp Power: 8Ω/20-300W
• What We Love: Earth-shattering sound.
• What Don’t Approve: Awkward design.

This pair is torn straight from Batman’s process, which is good. But absolutely no, seriously, they look like something from the Batcave. And you cannot understand just how helpful they are, and precisely how much punch and depth they have, until you have a pair in the family room of yours. The twin midrange car owners and individual tweeter do an incredibly worthy undertaking, although it’s the bass that sets these apart. Their twin 8″ woofers, established minimal down on each side of the casing, are thunderous. SVS actually won’t like us thinking this specific, although you can preferably happily get away with using these without making use of a subwoofer. The bass is the point that amazing.

4. Fluance Signature Series ($700)

Fluance Signature Series

• Each Pair: Pair Woofer: 2 x 8″
• Tweeter: one x one”
• Midrange: one x 5″
• Suggested Amp Power: 8Ω/90-200W
• What We Love: Solid sound and build, huge bass.
• What Don’t Approve: A touch costly for whatever you get?

These do not provide the most exceptional value for money of the speakers on this list, although we’ve been remiss before for not love Fluance, plus that’s something we would like to rectify here. For the shoot, the company can create many great speakers, as well as we will point out the Signature Series are going to be the one to buy in case the funds of yours due to this price range.

The chief draw is not merely the glossy style along with the signature yellowish motorists, but additionally the audio. With twin 8″ woofers, these do an excellent passing viewpoint of a multichannel surround, with rich and slow bass that will fit into an established sound system. Additionally, they have lovely (albeit harsh to install) speaker surges due to the starting that help sort the speakers from vibrations. Be warned: these are equally big and heavy, not the kind of speaker you slot directly into a corner someplace and also wish no one will discover. They are authoritative each in audio and looks. But as midrange floor erect speakers go, these are a really, excellent choice, and are entirely ideal for bass heads.

5. Q Acoustics 3050

Q Acoustics 3050

• Each Pair: Pair Woofer: 2 x 6.5.”
• Tweeter: one x one”
• Midrange: N/A
• Recommend an Amp Power: 6Ω /25-100W
• What We Love: Sold in a pair! Oh, sound killer.
• What Don’t Approve: Lacks bass. Interesting design.

Q Acoustics is an enterprise that has just been getting better and better. They’ve gradually produced several outstanding versions, and due to there 3050, have smashed the manner of theirs to the roundup of ours. We dig the speaker, additionally not just since it’s available in a pair, and that’s excellent value.

For roughly $700, you are going to get a wonderfully constructed medicine chest with curved sides and a selection of finishes, housing a great collection of elements. Successfully, we mention wonderfully built – it’s right, although we’d caution the appearance can feel an acquired taste, which makes sure you’re having an excellent look before you buy. As of the sound, the phrase we will work with to reference it’s actually’ controlled’: there’s minimal distortion, excellent quality (particularly in the mid-range) and a few incredible info. We do however look there could be somewhat a little much more oomph in the bass, although that subject vanishes if you pair these with a great subwoofer. Almost all told, maybe we’re just picky – these are some floor standers that can do you proud, should you buy them. We highly recommend these, flat when Q Acoustics isn’t the household name it should be.

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floor standing tower speaker

Floor standing speakers are an essential component associated with an excellent home theater system. Our review focused on colors that, when that comes with an AV receiver, can significantly improve upon your TV’s integrated speakers or even perhaps a great bar without draining the wallet of yours.

We used a blend of subjective listening as well as tech information testing being ranking the products inside the assessment of ours. We understand that each people listening preferences will differ. Thus we chose to buy the aid of a several boards of listeners to enable you to produce the best option for your home theater upgrade.

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