Top 3 Best Speakers for Restaurant/Bar/Café in 2020

As they say, dining with soothing music can help enhance the taste of food and can make food enjoyable overall. If you have a restaurant, a bar or a café then why not use a speaker system ideally meant for these establishments. Here are a few of the top best speakers to purchase this year.

#1. Rockville Commercial Ceiling Speaker System

Commercial Ceiling Speaker System-Bluetooth

Satisfy your customer’s audio cravings with the Rockville Commercial Ceiling Speaker System. This is a set that comes with a receiver amplifier, a pair of ceiling speakers and all the accessories you need to install these speakers to the ceiling or wall.

The receiver is rack-mountable which means it can be placed on top of a rack together with other audio systems. This receiver system offers separate controls for pre-amp and subwoofer speakers to allow you to enjoy the background music and bass better.

There are front microphone inputs with separate volume controls, echo, and tone. You can play music from different sources including radio, music files from your USB thumb drive or from the input for your different devices. The inputs are also conveniently placed at the front of the receiver.

The pair of 2-way ceiling speakers are round, white and easy to install. You’ll get peak power handling at 350 watts per speaker and RMS power handling at 120 watts per speaker. Audio power all neatly placed in quality spring-loaded push terminals. The flush mount grills are also paintable according to your restaurant’s color scheme.


  • Powerful and versatile receiver
  • Digital karaoke system features with 2 microphone inputs at the front
  • Multiple outputs
  • Spring-loaded push terminals
  • Paintable speaker flush mount grills
  • Cons

  • Comes with only two speakers
  • #2. Technical Pro 6000W Zone Receiver+ 5.25” Speakers for Restaurant/Bar/CAF

    Technical Pro 6000W Zone Receiver+ 5.25” Speakers for Restaurant/Bar/CAF

    The Technical ProZone Receiver comes with 8 speakers ideal for a large restaurant, bar or café. It is a home theater receiver with Bluetooth that will let you flood your establishment with cool mood music.

    The speakers are all Rockville speakers so you can guarantee that these have the most impressive sound. The receiver is Bluetooth compatible which means that you can connect your Bluetooth-capable device to play music. Other inputs include AM/FM radio, random playback via USB or SD card and from a video player as well.

    Rockville speakers come with the best specs. These have increased power handling and RMS power handling, IPX44 rating to withstand the elements and comes with a stainless steel grill which will never rust even if a speaker is installed outdoors.

    You will enjoy the impressive sound from Technical Pro. The speakers are built with quality spring-loaded push terminals which are waterproof and rustproof.


  • Bluetooth capable
  • ​​

  • Can connect with other Bluetooth capable devices
  • 8 Rockville speakers
  • Speakers come with improved power handling
  • Removable metal grills, rustproof and waterproof
  • Cons

  • No known flaw
  • #3. Custom Audio 12 Surface Speakers for Large Restaurant/Bar/Retail Store Business Background Music Sound System

    Large Restaurant/Bar/Retail Store

    From small, medium to large restaurants, the Custom Audio sound system is made for large-scale restaurants, cafes, and dining establishments. It is composed of 12 surface speakers, each speaker is capable of providing the best audio performance.

    The Custom Audio comes with a commercial 240-watt amplifier/audio mixer. This is capable of multiple inputs but does not have individual volume controls for each speaker. You will also find three microphone inputs making it easier to host events and functions in your restaurant or café.

    The back of the receiver is where all the connections are perfectly set. You have two RCAs perfect for iPods, MP3 players, PC, music players, and satellite radio. The receiver has knobs for controls which is easier to use for most users.

    Meanwhile, the surface-mount speakers are larger if compare to commercial round or square speakers with brackets for easy mounting. There’s no need to cut walls or ceilings to install these speakers. Just decide where to position these and mount away.


  • Easy surface-mount 2-way speakers
  • 240-watt mixer/receiver
  • Multiple microphone inputs
  • With multiple line inputs for different devices and gadgets
  • Cons

  • No individual volume controls for each speaker

  • Final Conclusion

    When it comes to speaker systems for restaurants, bars, and cafes, the number of speakers depends on the size of the establishment. Multiple receiver options are also welcome considering you may need to use a sound system, karaoke system or music player to entertain guests.

    There are a lot of different commercial speakers to choose from. Shop smart and you’ll surely find the one that will fit your establishment’s needs.

    ** If you’d like to know how to set up ceiling speakers for a bar or restaurant, please visit this link here