Photive HYDRA Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker For Home

Take your music wherever you go: in the rugged outdoors, in the shower and even on the poolside without worrying about water and dust when you got the Photive Hydra Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker. This is a rugged outdoor waterproof speaker inside and out while maintaining clear, crisp and almost perfect sound quality. This review will reveal how the Photive Portable Bluetooth speaker scores when it comes to design, sound quality, functionality and battery life.

Photive HYDRA Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker For Home
Photive HYDRA Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker For Home

Design of Photive Hydra Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Photive Hydra Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Upon first glance, this speaker looks more like a part of a space craft or some kind of military equipment. It is made from top quality, shock-proof material that can withstand the elements. You can take it anywhere and even in the wettest environments and still be able to listen to good music because of its rubberized exterior and treated aluminum grill. This speaker is an IP66 rated for resistance against dust and water. The Photive Bluetooth speaker is handy and lightweight too despite its tough design.

Sound Quality of Photive Hydra Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Enjoy jaw-dropping bass and amazing clarity no matter where you are. It has two 40mm drivers and a passive subwoofer to produce pure Bluetooth speaker bass and sound quality that an outdoor audiophile needs. This speaker is easy to use and has no buttons on the actual speaker body. Photive Hydra Portable Bluetooth speaker works very well with your Android smartphone or iPhone through your device’s music player. Volume, playback and track selection are managed from your device. This speaker uses Bluetooth 4.0 which gives you 33 feet or 10 meters operating distance.​​

Battery Life of Photive Hydra Speaker


Enjoy up to 8 hours of playing time in one charge with the Photive’s built-in 2600 mAh lithium-ion battery. You can take it outdoors as you hike, jog, ride a kayak, go camping and more without worrying about running out of charge. Take note that volume will affect battery life especially at full volume. Expect that a full charge can only last for about 6 hours or less.

Functionality of This Portable Bluetooth Speaker

The Hydra Bluetooth speaker is compatible with almost all smartphones, Android phones and iPhone models. It will also work with Windows PC, Chromebook, MacBook and so many more. Pairing is easy and in just a few seconds, you will be able to use your device with this Bluetooth speaker anywhere.

Aside from being a Bluetooth speaker for music, you can also use it as a phone speaker. You can hear an incoming call and take the call using your phone even when the speaker is connected. You can even use it to play tunes on the radio and as an accessory speaker when playing videos or games on your phone, tablet or laptop.

Verdict: The Photive Hydra Wireless Bluetooth Speaker is a waterproof and rugged speaker equipped with a passive subwoofer for improved sound quality. It has a dustproof and waterproof body, and is made from shockproof and durable materials making it the ultimate choice for listening to music outdoors. It is universally compatible with all devices and offers longer play times with its durable lithium-ion battery. This is a good purchase for any outdoor enthusiast and should be yours too. If you think that the Photive Hydra Wireless Bluetooth Speaker is for you, follow this link.

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